goldfish coverGoldfish is the story of Lou, who up until this year was working towards becoming an Olympic swimmer, but when trying out for High Performance Training Camp (basically boarding school for swimmers) she comes in dead last (and another knife to the gut, her best-friend, Hannah, comes in first, but you know, she’s really happy for her….). Now she’s off to high school where she realizes she’s spent the last several years not studying very hard and not making any friends. After weeks of eating lunch by herself and not knowing the answers in any of her classes (and now that she’s not an a school sports team, being expected to turn in her homework on time) she is employed by three boys (ahead of her in school) to help them with an underwater synchronized swimming routine (where the whole routine is performed underwater) for the reality show Britain’s Hidden Talent. Shenanigans ensue (some involving the police because it isn’t easy getting access to a clear swimming pool) and in the process Lou starts to make some actual non swimming friends and even begins to appreciate her fashion and makeup obsessed older sister.

While some parts seem a little far fetched (synchronized swimming on reality TV, underwater synchronized swimming on reality TV, and a group of boys who are supposedly dancers, but who cannot touch their toes), it’s a funny and entertaining read.