EverythingEverythingCoverEverything, Everything is the story of Madeline, who suffers from SCID, which basically means she’s allergic to the world. She spends her days locked in her air filtered house with her mom and nurse Carla. She literally has no memory of ever being outside. Every once in a while a guest stops by, but they have to go through a health background check and a decontamination process before entering her home. For the most part Madeline has accepted her fate and spends her days more less happily with her mom, Carla, the internet, and lots and lots of books. Then a family moves in next door and she spots Olly. As she and Olly begin to form a friendship (mostly through late night chat sessions), Madeline is pretty sure she is doomed to fall in love with him and once that happens the small world she’s contended herself with becomes not enough. What is she willing to risk to really live?

A page turning take on a what will most likely be a tragic romance. It has to be tragic (because seriously she can never leave her house) right?

I was really into this book, needing to see how (or if) Olly and Maddy were going to make some sort of relationship/friendship work. And then…. something happens… and I felt it retroactively made the whole book less interesting.

I’d still say I liked the book (and I really did enjoy myself while reading), but the end just didn’t sit right with me.