Connor Franta. Someone that has always mesmerized me. From his breathtaking photography to his vivid personality. When I heard he was writing a book, called A Work In Progress I decided that I just had to read it.

However, I decided to read some other books, and soon forgot about Connor’s. I later picked the book up at Barnes and Noble, and started reading it, not sure what to expect since it had been months. I found that I loved it. The book, that I thought would be merely interesting, changed how I looked at the world.

One of the chapters, titled “Where I find my happiness” changed the way I thought about my life. The chapter, which was solely a list of where Connor finds his happiness, prompted me to write a list of my own. This list, has helped me become happier.

I was especially enthralled by the fact that Connor had included his photographs throughout the book. As someone who is a photographer and truly loves seeing how someone captures something in a way that can speak to someone without words. His photographs spoke to me, as did his words.

Overall, A Work in Progress, is a memoir, advice and a life changing experience. It’s a book for fans, for those who have just heard of Connor, for those who don’t know who he is, and for those just looking for a little more happiness and spontaneity in their lives.


Shriya (Teen Blogger)