After reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, I found an interest in WWII and the Nazis in Germany. Because of this, I picked up the book Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf, not expecting to read a story vastly different than any other WWII story I had read.

Someone named Eva is a book about a young girl named Milada. She lives in Czechoslovakia. When the Nazis show up at her house she is separated from her family, not knowing where they are. She is deemed a “perfect German girl” by her looks and is in the correct age group. She is then thrown into a camp that  tries to turn her into a German girl and forces Milada to forget about where she came from. It is here that Milada struggles to keep her identity. After reading this book I read the piece in the back of the book. This story was based on a true story. This impacted how I thought about the book and how I thought about WWII.

The main theme of this book is identity. The struggle for Milada to keep her identity is something that may have happened in Germany during WWII, but it is something all of us can relate to today. Our whole lives are a journey to find out who we are and what our identity is.

Finally, one of my favorite excerpts from the book is:

“as I raised my arm, I shuddered the thought of Babicka seeing me. What would she say? Her oldest granddaughter saluting a picture of a man she thought was satan himself…”

Shriya (teen blogger)