51lcwacxmal-_sx331_bo1204203200_Ever since I learned how to read and write, writing has become a passion of mine. I used to write stories in little blank books, on paper I would just find lying around and on corners of my homework. Even now I write. I write on my phone and on paper. I write endlessly, about anything, making characters and plotlines, making conflicts and resolutions.

I never liked the idea of the creative process, which I felt never left room for creativity I felt, and I never liked the idea of reading “writing manuals” that would tell you to write out the plot, then fill in details, then start writing. I wanted a manual that left room for creativity, a manual that would take the skills I already had and make them better, and help me no matter what part of the story I was at. Finally, after so long of looking, I found one.

Spilling Ink is a wonderful writing handbook with tips and tricks for writing. This is the perfect handbook for any type of writing. No matter where you are in what you’re writing and what you’re writing skills are this is the perfect book. The authors Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter are hilarious and guide you through the journey of writing with stories, and hilarious experiences. They give you prompts that help you improve your writing, little stories that you won’t soon forget and tips learned from many years of experience. I know this book has made me a better writer than I have ever been, and I am sure it will do the same for you.

Shriya (Teen Blogger)

Editor’s Note: November is National Novel Writing Month, so if you’ve wanted to try your hand at writing a story now is the perfect time to start!