Reading the list of books I could read for my summer reading project, that I did not entirely want to do, one book – All The Bright Places – caught my eye. It had a colorful cover, and I loved the theme of overcoming a feeling of everything going wrong with a hint of good.

Theodore Finch, one of the characters, encompasses just that. Theodore is constantly thinking of ways to kill himself, and when something good happens, no matter how small, it prevents him from committing suicide. This makes me think that all Theodore, deep down wants to do is live. Violet Markey, the other character, is fascinated with life. However, with her sister dying and her life just going the wrong way, everything seems to be pointing towards suicide. Both characters meet at the ledge of the bell tower, somehow save each other, and are draw to each other by their pain. They start to heal each other, and heal themselves.

This book was beautiful in a way that would not usually be shown in books with this theme. Whilst reading this book I didn’t expect to fall in love with it the way I did. However, this book drew me in and encompassed a perfect story of hope. Books like it that I also enjoyed were 13 Reasons Why and I Was Here.

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Shriya (Teen Blogger)