Lots of teens often feel that they should do something, even if it’s not a big feat. It says so in the book Popular Psychology: An Encyclopedia: “[Y]oung people in modern society become obsessed with achieving success before they have adequately identified what would actually constitute success.” However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning your future! Below, there are links for camps and classes. Be sure to check them out!*


Are you interested in journalism? Are you younger than 14? Check out the link for TFK’s 2017 kid reporter contest!


Are computers your thing? Do you like working with technology? Check out this link for computer camps in Illinois this summer!


Do you aspire to be a doctor? Maybe a pharmasist? Use this amazing site to find a medical camp near you!


Can you cook? Do you want to learn how to do it? This website shows different cooking classes and camps that you can participate in!

*Note that some classes/clubs/camps may require registration and/or an entry fee. The classes/clubs/camps listed above are not provided by the Bartlett Library.

By Harman (Teen Blogger)