leia.jpgToday I recommend: Leia, Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray.

This book tells the story of how Leia joined the Rebellion, and really fleshes out Leia’s relationship with her parents and her motivations for joining the Imperial Senate. For Star Wars fans this book is not to be missed! Claudia Gray is also the author of two other Star Wars books:

Lost Stars: From the rise of the Rebellion to the fall of the Empire, readers will experience these major moments through the eyes of two childhood friends – Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell – who have grown up to become an Imperial officer and a Rebel pilot. Now on opposite sides of the war, will these two star-crossed lovers reunite, or will duty tear them – and the galaxy – apart? 

Bloodline: When the Rebellion defeated the Empire in the skies above Endor, Leia Organa believed it was the beginning to a lasting peace. But after decades of vicious infighting and partisan gridlock in the New Republic Senate, that hope seems like a distant memory. Now a respected senator, Leia must grapple with the dangers that threaten to cripple the fledgling democracy — from both within and without.