Hello fellow writers!
Today’s target word count is 13,333 words! That’s over a quarter of the way through your novel. Unlike last year I am ahead of schedule at 16,826 words due mostly to a wonderful Write-In that I attended at the Carol Stream Public Library. Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement whether that be to offer yourself little treats for any accomplishment or to challenge others to see who can write the most!

But no matter where you are just remember that the important thing is to keep writing! Just don’t give up, no matter how much you write you will have accomplished something amazing by the end of the month. There are some strategies that can help you bulk up your word count if you need an extra push:
Word Sprints: A word sprint is a timed writing challenge: set a timer, open up your draft, then race against the clock to add words to your novel. You can either challenge yourself or if you’re better spurred on by competition like me you can join a group word sprint. The personal word sprint option on the website also offers dare such as “Give a minor character a backstory” if you need inspiration. Check it out here!
Dares: A dare challenges you to include new things in your writing, and is a great way to gain an extra bit of inspiration even if they often verge on the ridiculous. You can check out all the dares and tips from other writers at http://nanowrimo.org/forums/reaching-50-000
Good luck with your writing this week and remember we can do this!