Today I recommend: Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Katie Ormsbee.

When a shout-out by a famed vlogger causes her own web series to go viral, Tash embarks on an ambitious project marked by her love of Tolstoy, adoring fans, high pressure, a cyber-flirtation with a fellow award nominee and her secret asexual orientation.

The main character Tash is a romantic asexual, and it is so good to see an asexual main character. Along with her best friends, Jack and Paul, as well as an eclectic cast of crew members, she is making a web series based on Anna Karenina. Tash struggles with her newfound fame, the knowledge that her parents are having another baby (18 years after her!), the choice of where to go to college, and whether or not her internet friend Thom is flirting with her. I was hooked by the book and sucked into the drama around Tash. She’s flawed in a realistic way and the book really explores her feelings and her relationships with her family and friends. The humor and snark of all the characters while working on the web series gave the book a light tone that I think was really needed. Highly recommended!

You can find Tash Hearts Tolstoy in the Young Adult Fiction section at YA ORMSBEE.