Today I recommend: Joyride Vol. 2, Teenage Spaceland by Jackson Lanzing.

The crew of the Joyride survived their first foray to the stars and met the challenges the galaxy threw at them head-on, so it’s only fair they enjoy a bit of relaxation and carefree living. But as Uma, Dewydd, and Catrin have come to learn, in space, nothing is as it seems. In fact, it’s the secrets hidden in their own ship and among their fellow travelers that will send the crew down a path that brings them face to face with the very alien threat that the leaders on Earth ran from so long ago.

Joyride, Volume 2, Teenage Spaceland combines friendship, romance, and nonstop action.  This graphic novel is fast-paced and attention grabbing!  It will have you using your library account and Hoopla to checkout Volume 3 to see what happens to members of the crew.

This graphic novel can be found in the Young Adult Graphic Novel section at YA GRAPHIC LANZING.