Counting by 7s is a heart-touching novel by Holly G. Sloan which follows middle school genius Willow Chance. Willow is an outsider in her middle school, she’s a genius as well as avid gardener and diagnoser. Being as different as Willow Chance is can make it difficult to have friends, especially in middle school but Willow knows she can always find comfort with her adoptive parents. Though her life seems to not get any worse than her middle school already is, she soon finds herself trying to untangle the mess her life is as well as keeping her emotions in check in her new life.

The book is a beautiful tale of being an outcast and loss but also in hope and working to make a better life. It shows the importance of friends and being there for others, especially during hard times. The book is a testament to determination and to never letting the world get the best of you. Sometimes, feelings don’t have words and you are at a loss of what to do and how to deal with it, and that’s okay. Talking about it helps but having someone who’s there for you is the best gift you can have, or give. This book is great for anyone who enjoyed the books Wonder, Mockingbird or Out of My Mind. Happy Reading!

You can find this book in the library in the Juvenile Fiction section at J SLOAN.

-Sumayyah, Teen Blogger