The Eye of Minds by James Dashner is a suspenseful and gripping book about hacking and what could happen if the skills are held by the wrong people. The fictional novel is about the digital universe and a young hacker whose skills he uses for fun and making the game more interesting for himself and his friends. However, everything turns around when he witnesses a suicide in ‘sleep’. He realizes that there is more happening in this game then what meets the eye. Michael then begins a search through the game for the hacker known as Kaine who has been terrorizing people and causing them to commit suicide. With his close friends Bryson and Sarah, he begins to follow the clues to uncover who Kaine is and what he is trying to do with the Mortality Doctrine.

The book is a great read but also terrifying in how easily it could actually happen. The book shows how naive the average person is and how dirty things can be behind the scenes. The important thing to remember is that one should always use their skills for the right things. Fighting for the better of everyone is the most important thing anyone can do is fight for the betterment of all, trying to eliminate injustice and brutality in this universe, or the digital one. Happy Reading!

You can find this book in the Young Adult Fiction section at YA DASHNER.

~Summayah, Teen Blogger