Today I recommend I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives by Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda with Liz Welch.

This is a true memoir of a strong friendship between a girl named Caitlin living in Pennsylvania, and a boy named Martin living in a small, poor town in Zimbabwe, (a country in Africa.) They were pen pals writing to each other overseas. They changed each other’s lives for the best in many ways. Two of the authors are actually the main characters of the novel!

I really loved this novel. I have never read anything like it! I never wanted to stop reading it, and was sad that there was no more of the book left to read when I finished  it. By the first page, I was very interested and hooked. I loved it because it showed how a little bit of kindness and a friend can go a long way. It has two perspectives, all of Caitlin’s and Martin’s thoughts and lives. Each chapter switches to the other character and reveals more of their lives and how they intertwined. It also showed that you don’t have to be anywhere near someone to be best friends, even on different continents. It was a big book (392 pages), but I felt like it was a very special and important story that everyone should read. It taught me that there is poverty in Zimbabwe, but friendship can overcome it including everything else. I recommend this book to whoever likes Africa, heart touching words and stories with happy endings.

~ Elizabeth, Teen Blogger

You can find I Will Always Write Back  in the Adult Nonfiction section at 305.235 ALIFIRENKA.