Today I recommend: Case Closed by Gosho Aoyama.

Precocious high school student Jimmy Kudo uses his keen powers of observation and astute intuition to solve mysteries that have left law enforcement officials baffled.

Sometimes referred to as Detective Conan this manga series is a delight and perfect for those who like mysteries. The summary sounds awfully serious but neglects to mention that Jimmy Kudo ends up tangled up with a mysterious gang who attempt to poison him – only the poison shrinks him down so that he is an elementary school student. This leads to fun hi-jinks as he must solve gruesome mysteries without anyone figuring out that that he is the one solving them and find a way to turn back into his older self.

I highly recommend this to manga readers looking for their next series and to those who like clever mysteries. You can find Case Closed  in the Young Adult Manga section at YA MANGA AOYAMA.