Today I Recommend: Of Beetles And Angels by Mawi Asgedom.

Of Beetles And Angels is an autobiography of Mawi Asgedom’s life. He left Ethiopia with his family, traveled to Sudan at a refugee camp, and years later traveled to Wheaton, Illinois in the United States of America for a better, safer, and educated life. Throughout his life, Mawi’s parents encouraged Mawi and his siblings to be educated and be successful. Mawi and his family faced many problems in America.

I really enjoyed this novel. I thought this book would be very sad and political, but it was very positive and interesting with lots of encouraging and inspiring quotes from Mawi’s family. I had to read this book for school, and I feel it is now one of my favorite books. Everyone needs to read this book. This was one of the first books about African refugees to ever be published. I learned so much, and it was very well written. I recommend this book to fans of I Will always Write Back.

– Elizabeth, teen blogger

You can find this in the Adult Biography section at Biog. MAWI ASGEDOM.