Review of The Kissing Booth

Has anyone seen the movie “The Kissing Booth”? It’s sooooooooo good! It recently came out on Netflix and I’m obsessing over it! Its about two teenage friends and a hot brother. I believe it’s PG-13 because of language and drinking. Besides that, if your parents let you watch it, it is  amazing! Also, fun fact; it was a self-published eBook by Beth Reekles, who wrote it when she was only 15.

To sum it up: two best friends, Elle and Lee, make a bunch of friendship rules when they were little to protect their friendship. It worked all the way to high school, where Lee’s older brother, Noah, starts flirting with Elle. Noah & Elle soon start dating and hiding their relationship from Lee and everyone else. Lee made a rule that his brother was off limits. Elle must make a choice between keeping her best friend happy or choose making herself happy. It’s amazing and pulls at your heart strings.

~Samantha, Teen Blogger