We Are Okay by Nina LaCour


Within the first few pages of We Are Okay, you realize that the main character, Marin, has some serious issues. You will not know what they are; you will just know they are serious. Why is she alone on a New York college campus during the Christmas holidays? Why is her roommate so afraid to leave her? Where is her family? And who is Mabel, the person that will be coming to visit in a few days?


No one is okay so far. Far from it.


Jumping back and forth slowly between the previous summer and present day, you will get answers to these questions. But not too fast, and once you think you know the answers, new questions arise. Why did she opt to leave California and go to school so far away? What happened between her and Mabel? And what’s up with Marin’s living situation?


Still not okay. But better.


But, with a little patience, the answers start coming. And you will discover that although a bit of a mess at first, Marin still has enough strength to get the answers she so desperately needs. And sometimes these answers come through in quite unexpected ways.


And then it might be okay.