Today I recommend: The Selection by Kiera Cass. 

The Selection is about a red headed girl named America Singer. She lives in a world where castes matter. She is a 5 (out of 8), so she is a musician. When America’s family gets a form for America to be entered in a competition to marry the prince and be the future queen of Illea, her parents and boyfriend want her to enter. If America would be selected to be one of the 35 girls to be in the competition, her family would receive a lot of money. Money that her family needs for food and electricity. But America loves Aspen, a poor but handsome boy who is a 6. She has her life planned out, and being in the Selection was not on her to do list.     

I loved this book. It is romantic and interesting, taking place in the future. I usually do not like dystopian novels, and even though this was dystopian, I loved it. There are four more books in the series. This novel was very descriptive and hooked me on the first page. I recommend this book to fans of Geekerella because they are both great romance books.

~Elizabeth N. teen blogger

You can find The Selection and the rest of the series in the Young Adult Fiction section at YA CASS.