Today I recommend: Down and Across by Arvin Ahmadi.

Life often mimics a crossword puzzle for sixteen-year-old Scott Ferdowsi. Some days he’s up and other days he’s down, and other days… he is just going along the best he can. When his immigrant parents from Iran want him to excel in the sciences or, at least, just excel, Scott cannot commit to anything and is a disappointment. Researching the internet, he is convinced Dr. Cecily Mallard, a psychologist studying grit, will be the solution to all of his problems. Only Dr. Cecily Mallard teaches in Washington, D.C. and Scott lives in Philadelphia. He jumps on a bus to D.C., meets Flora on the way, and begins quite the adventure. One major obstacle-his parents are visiting a sick relative in Iran and they don’t know Scott has run away. Can he keep it a secret until they return? This book is about friendship and searching for answers to life’s questions.

You can find this book in the Young Adult Fiction section at YA AHMADI.