Today I recommend: The Art of French Kissing by Brianna Shrum.

Carter Lane has a chance for a full scholarship to a prestigious Savannah cooking school– if she survives the challenges of the competition in Savannah! Twenty-four high school students compete, only one will win the full scholarship. The main challenge: Reid Yamada, who goes out of his way to screw her over on day one. Will they be able to focus on the competition… or just on revenge?

This book slides back and forth between focusing solely on the cooking competition and on the love/hate relationship between competitors Carter and Reid. The meet-cute story takes a turn for the cliche once the pair end up on a team and have to put aside their cutthroat pranking/cheating in order to make it further in the competition. The secondary characters feel a little 2-D but Reid and Carter are easy to root for. For high school teens who enjoy their romance with a healthy splash of competition and heavenly food descriptions- this is the book for you!

You can find The Art of French Kissing in the Young Adult Fiction section at YA SHRUM.