Today I recommend: Drawn Away by Holly Bennettdrawn away

Now that we are in the month of October and the days are getting shorter, I want to make sure to include some spooky tales to tickle your spine! In this paranormal novel for teens, Jack finds himself drawn into the world of a memorable character from one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. After moving from big-city Montreal to rural Ontario, all Jack wants to do is settle into 12th grade, make some friends, and date a cute girl. Instead, he begins seeing visions of a starving match girl from the 19th century in the middle of a dense fog. As Jack and his new girlfriend, Lucy race to discover the Match Girl’s hold over them, it becomes clear that she doesn’t simply want a visitor. She intends to keep Jack in her world permanently. What is the eerie connection between Jack, Lucy, and the Match Girl? Readers will want to unravel this supernatural mystery, which combines Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tales with contemporary YA fiction.

This book can be found inĀ Young Adult Fiction under the Call Number: YA BENNETT