In salute to the month of October, I have a vampire romance to recommend: Almost Midnight by C.C Hunter

Part of the Shadow Falls series, this compilation of novellas fills in some gaps left in the original. Focusing on most of the main characters from the series, this patchwork of stories flashes back to past events in their lives and loves. The first two novellas feature Della, the angry vampire’s story of origin, and describes her first adventure with the Fallen Research Unit. The action then shifts to a brief, but engaging episode that explains how Chase became a vampire. Next, witch Miranda enters a contest that gets out of hand. She and her friends find themselves in serious danger, and she must cope with some new information about her family. Finally, the werewolf, Fredericka, falls for her almost-human new boss – while her jealous history teacher tries to intimidate her into staying with him. She learns more about her own family and tries to solve the mystery of a ghost she cannot avoid. All four of the protagonists of these stand-alone episodes experience new love, even when still attracted to their previous heartthrobs. This works either as a series introduction, or a continuation for fans.

You can find this almost midnightbook in the Young Adult Fiction section at YA HUNTER