Today’s Book Review comes from Teen Blogger, Elizabeth.

I recommend Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead

Goodbye Stranger is a fantastic novel that switches perspective between 3 people: Bridge, a girl who survived a severe accident and is joining tech crew, Sherm who is dealing with family problems, admires Bridge and is also joining tech crew, and an unnamed high school girl who is struggling with her thoughts and friend’s betrayal. Sherm’s perspective is only in the form of letters, the unnamed girl’s perspective is always in second person, always saying “You” instead of “I” or “she”. Bridge’s perspective is in third person point of view. Bridge’s friends, Tabitha and Emily, have a “no fighting” rule, but as middle school goes on, obstacles are thrown their way that tests their friendship.Goodbye-Stranger-By-Rebecca-Stead One of my favorite things in this book is that Bridge always wears cat ears for fun. She does not care what others think, she just wears them because she likes them. My favorite character is Tabatha because she is into human rights and everything being ethical. I recommend this book to anyone who likes realistic fiction novels, stories about friendship, and crushes. -Elizabeth N. Teen Blogger