Dreamers-Often-Lie-Jacqueline-WestDreamers Often Lie is a hypnotic YA thriller/romance novel by Jacqueline West. Jaye Stuart, a sensitive, theatre-loving High school student in cold Minnesota, survives a skiing accident with a lot of head trauma. After being released from the hospital, she tries to get her life back to normal so she can perform in her school play: Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She finds that this is especially difficult, between the physical pain in her body from the head injury, and the fact she is hallucinating Shakespeare characters. As we learn more about Jaye’s troubling past, she is involved in a love triangle with her childhood best friend, and a mysterious new kid at school. Jaye struggles to maintain her sanity as she deals with her Shakespearean hallucinations and love interests. This novel is not only well written, but it really keeps your attention. You do not want to put this book down as you always want to know what happens next. West’s use of Shakespeare plays and quotes work really well, as Jaye’s hallucinations of character quotes from plays actually fit perfectly with what is going on in the  book at the time. As a Shakespeare fan, I loved the creative uses of the Bard’s words applying to modern situations. The author does a fantastic job of using her own words in the book to create very detailed and strange explanations of Jaye’s hallucinations that it feels like you are actually watching a movie instead of reading a book. Also, I personally loved that fact that the book takes place in Minnesota, where I grew up a child. The book includes a lot of references to actual places in Minnesota that I visited when I lived there. I loved this book, all the way up until the last chapter. Even though the ending is not what I had hoped, Dreamers Often Lie is still definitely worth the read!

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